Time flies, I've been with my man for 3 years already,

I never thought that we will last this long when we just start to be together

maybe it's because of the way we knew each other and how we started this relationship,

But as time goes by, I started to felt that this relationship might actually work out,

He's always the one who hold on this relationship I guess,

I'm always the one who's thinking about breaking up, and things cannot be solved.

He held my hand and walk throught every obstacles that's infront on us.

We knew each other on the Internet,

and then we started our relationship with Long-Distanced relationship,

Long-Distanced relationship sucks,

we've been throught alot,


Alot of people looking down on us,

They even predict that we wouldn't last more than 3 months, 

But I would like to say is,


to those who had looking down on our relationship. 


What's the secret to maintain a relationship ?

I don't dare to say that I'm a expert in maintaining a relationship,

because I often using the word "break up"

but there's something I think is the way I keep my relationship "warm" 


I always do something "stupid" to make him smile / laugh

Not like clowning around,

But there's a "thing" between one couple.

That "thing" there will let you know which or what things you do that will make him smile.

I always do that when I felt that he's having a bad day, felling stress or when he's tired.

He'll always give me a big smile that I felt that what I did really cheer him up, and not even stupid at all !


Give him a big hug in a sudden,

Give him a surprise,

Boys are just like girls,

They want our attention,

They love surprises too !


and most importanly TRUST and LOYALTY

 or else.

No matter how many relationship you have,

will FAIL !

because I know many of Boy and Girls out there is thinking that

"I'm just IN A RELATIONSHIP with him, I can still choose a BETTER one"

but if you dump this bf and have a BETTER one.

and then if you found a MORE BETTER one, you dump this one again.

you will keep having this cycle and never find a BEST one for you.

The truth is,

No one in this life is PERFECT,

and no one will be the BEST one.

so why putting efford on thinking to change your partner and not putting your efford on working things out ?


Dear Baby Boy,

I know I'm a grumpy, emotional person,

I get angry easily and always want you to do unreasonable things,

but you will still do it,

for me,

I thank you for everything you have done for me and never let me go,

If it's wasn't you to be such tolerant,

even we have same "HULK" temper.

I think we have ended this relationship a LONG LONG time ago,

You changed my life,

I never thought that someone would love me that much like my mother and grandmother did, 

I'm sorry I couldn't buy you any gifts,  

what I could only do is just type a blog post for you,

and most of all,


Happy 3 Years Anniversary,

I'm glad to have you. 

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