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Went shopping today with My Boy today,

Our bank account is bleeding...


We went to Bugis Iluma today,

We saw 权怡风, 郭亮 and 2 more artist that I don't know their names.

they're shooting 邻里合作社, many previous works showing there,

I took a picture of one of the work that I like the most


 Photo taken with The New iPad


These are the Artist I saw,








My Boy and I bought some cloths and shorts at Uniqlo


to be specific,

he bought cloth and short

but I bought only shorts xD


and then I went to sephora and watson to buy my skincare and mask


I wanted to my acne scars to fade,

so I ask the beauty consultant @ SEPHORA to give me some advice,

She recommend me Lancome Blanc Expert and For Beloved One  

Due to the price,

I choose For Beloved One as I know 大S has recommeded this skincare


and I went to watson to buy mask,

I actually wanted to buy My beauty Diary mask only,

But when I found out that Leaders mask is on Buy 3 free 1 promotion,

Then I bought 12 pcs with 1 box of Beauty Diary



Tadaa~~ My Skincare Haul Today 

I think that's all for today~

Bye~ xoxo

Stay Tuned For The New iPad & The Beats Stuodio unboxing post !

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