This is the 3rd Valentine since we've been together,

but it's the first Valentine that we could celebrate together, on the actual day.

We started on 03 October 2009, We know each other on the Internet, and we only knew for 7 days.

We have Long-Distance Relationship. It's very hard. and we've go through alot...

He's from Teluk Intan, and I'm from Semenyih.

Last year April, he told me he's going to Singapore to work in 18 hours time.

I cried and cried.

Before this, We have been together 24-7, I can't imagine how can we maintain our relationship after he went to Singapore.


Just like dahpne says,

Long-distance relationship sucks (alot), because you can only do things by ur self and he won't be there for you (physically)


Well...the phone bill cost alot, and then we started to use Skype,

We kissed through the webcam, everynight.

It's not sweet, it feels horrible.


Now. I'm at Singapore, not because of him, but money,

seriously, no body can resist the 2.42 currency rate right ?

He always give me the sad face when I tell him I came here because of the currency.


But, hey I still love him very very much,

I don't know how we're going to celebrate,

but I hope its a good one/


We often fought on small issue,

The way he talks always make me cry,

We cherish every second when we're together,

I can't stand his temper and the way he always wanted to control me...


But he's a cute and sweet guy.

He often surprise me and make me shed tears,

and he always tell me that I'm perfect,

He's the reason why I smile.


Happy Valentine, Baby.

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