Well, I'm here to send some good news ^0^.gif 


I had a poodle as my pet boy hehe.gif 

Named Dollar ec302a6b.gif 

actually I'm gonna name it Money,

but mummy say it sounds like an Indian kid name,

So I decided to name her Dollar,

and yeah,

She a "HER" girl hehe.gif 


She's very small in size,

and she's just 1 month and 7 days,

and she's very "nyonya"

when we put her outside alone in the living room,

she keeps making those sad sound,

and maybe she's having homesick,

so she's sleeping with us in the bedroom tonight,

she's sooooo cute,

I love her SOSOSOSO much !


I'll upload her picture soon,

Stay Tuned.

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